company profiles

Shenzhen APN Power Co.,Ltd was established in 2010,with more than 80 employees, including 30 technicians. APN Specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales of UPS ( uninterrupted power supply) and AC stabilized power supply, transformers and so on.

Up to now, it has developed into a comprehensive power supply enterprise covering a wide range of products, including: intelligent digital UPS , modular UPS, AC purifying regulated power supply, inductive regulated power supply, SBW high-power compensating voltage regulator, transformer, DC switching power supply,etc.  It has won the high reputation from all customers because of the excellent product quality and good after-sales service.

APN electronics has been committed to the development and innovation of products, constantly developing and producing power products that are closely related to customers' needs. At present, APN has expanded to dozens of electronic products, widely used in government agencies, information, home appliances, aerospace, shipbuilding, railway, traffic, communication, radio and television, medical, financial, data center, industry, education, laboratories and other civil and military fields,  which to provide safe, reliable, stable and high quality power supply for customers.

Company not only passed the ISO - 9001 international quality system certification, TLC certification, but also received the brand trademark, CE certification, ROHS certification, product system software patents and high-tech enterprise certification.

We have so many years experience in sales, and also set some branches around China to provide customer the best services. Furthermore, We have complete foreign business experience, We will come to the world step by step, let the green world dream come true.