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Modular UPS power redundancy parallel structure

Hot plug modular UPS power supply adopts N+X high frequency modular UPS redundant parallel structure, supports 1-6 modules in parallel operation, and can easily add or subtract modules or replace them under various working conditions.

The UPS power supply uses powerful LCD control module to collect information of each UPS module through the intra-computer network, and centralizes the monitoring and management of the work of each UPS module. All information is displayed by large screen LCD, which makes the operation of UPS simple and clear. It has the following characteristics:

First, it ensures the sinusoidal power input of the user.

Secondly, advanced high-speed digital signal processor (DSP) is used to control all modules in order to ensure the quality consistency of power supply for each module.

Third, it has complete background monitoring and network management functions, and adopts RS232 interface or external SNMP network divination to facilitate users to monitor the operation status of modular N+X redundant parallel UPS power supply system.